School Cash Online

Purchase Hot Lunch using School Cash On-line

Purchase Hot Lunch using School Cash On-line

No more digging for change!No more digging for change!

Hot lunches are offered on MONDAYS.  Order forms will be sent home well in advance and are due at noon the Friday preceding the hot lunch date.

You can also order online by visiting the school website at and click on the $chool Cash Online tab at the top of the page.  If ordering online, the deadline is Thursday.

Three delicious hot lunches will be offered in October.  These are fundraisers for different  groups so you not only get a great lunch, you are supporting extra-curricular events!

Check out these great menu selections:

October 3—Pizza Bagel (Jr. High class)

October 17— Pulled Pork (Gr. 5/6 class)

October 24— Spaghetti  (Parent Advisory)

Hot lunches sell for $3 for a small order and $4 for a large (except Fruitas).  Profits from hot lunch sales are used for various extra-curricular school activities, including field trips and sports programs. Thank you for your support!